Always Clear Pools N Spas is the trusted name for Rutherford and Maitland pool maintenance, servicing and repairs!

Don't let the joy of having your very own swimming pool be marred by frustrating upkeep. Our team provide everything from stain removal and leak detection to pump, filter and chlorinator installations. We also offer complete pre-purchase pool inspections and pool heating services.

To find out how Always Clear Pools N Spas can best help you, call us today!

Prompt Emergency Service

Please contact us if you require any onsite or over the phone help.

Pool Heating

Keeping your pool at a comfortable temperature is easy and affordable with Always Clear Pools N Spas. We can install energy efficient and user-friendly heater systems to suit all pool sizes. Wether you are looking for all year round heating or just extending your swimming season we have pool heating systems to suit any pool or spa.

Our pool heating heat pump systems:

  • Are environmentally efficient
  • Will allow you to have maximum control over your pool's temperature
  • Run silently
  • Won't hinder the appearance of your pool or outdoor area
  • Can be installed quickly & easily with no fuss.
  • Our economical systems will save you money on running costs.
  • Free onsite quotes and analysis available.

Call us today to organise a quote or installation of pool heating, solar or gas systems and extend your swimming season today.

Onsite Pool Services

Let Always Clear Pools N Spas take the hassle out of keeping your pool healthy and pristine.

We can organise regular cleaning services for both private and corporate customers. Don't put up with unsightly green algae build-up or a clogged skimmer. Our Rutherford pool care professionals will make sure your chemicals are maintained at the right level and that all stains and floating debris is removed.Leaving your pool clean clear and healthy to swim in.

Mobile Filter System

Our team use streamlined mobile filter systems to rapidly and thoroughly vacuum pools. Our team can save you time and effort with our portable unit, which allows us to get your pool water looking its best while saving you time and money. The mobile filter system we use is ideal if your equipment is a bit outdated or not delivering the results you need. It is also beneficial if you have a build up of pool sediment or cleaning up after a storm.

Quality Pool Maintenance To Suit Your Needs

Our team can organise regular pool services on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. One-off jobs are also available. Give us a call to find out how we can develop a schedule that works best for you.

Pre-Purchase Pool Inspections

Though moving into a new home with a pool is an exciting prospect, it is important to ensure that the pool and equipment are in the best possible condition to avoid costly long-term headaches. Always Clear Pools N Spas can provide complete pre-purchase inspections, so you can enjoy peace-of-mind when you finalise your purchase.

We will thoroughly test your equipment as well as your water condition, and provide you and/or your property manager with a comprehensive report. Our pool inspectors are friendly, reliable and will ensure you receive practical advice to help you keep your pool and/or spa in the best possible condition. We will also advise of any potential issues that we may see saving you time and money before your property sale settles.

Pool Recovery

At Always Clear Pools N Spas, we have the equipment and chemicals to restore your pool to the best possible condition.

From removing stubborn stains and grimes to recovering green, murky water with crystal clear blue, we guarantee quality pool recovery results. Our prices are very competitive and we can service all kinds of pools and spas.

To ensure your pool's chemical and pH level are at the right level, we can provide a free in-store computerised water analysis. Visit Always Clear Pools N Spas in Rutherford today!

Electronic Leak Detection

Our team use state-of-the-art technology to locate leaks within your pool and the surrounding pipe works. If you suspect your pool is leaking, the following steps are strongly recommended.

  1. Mark the water level of your pool at the skimmer level (using a piece of tape or a grease pencil)
  2. Check the mark 24 hours later

Your should lose no more than 1/4 of an inch of pool water per-day. If there is a greater loss, a leak is present and you should call us ASAP to get it fixed.

It is important to note that if it rains, the test will need to be repeated in order to gain accurate results.

Pump & Filter Sales & Installations

At Always Clear Pools N Spas, we sell a great, broad range of filters and pumps from the leading pool and spa brands, including:

  • Aquatight
  • Onga
  • Davey
  • Hayward
  • And much more!

In addition to installing cutting-edge pumps, filters and pipe replacements, our team can also relocate your existing pumps and piping to improve performance.

Sand Changes for Filters

To make sure your pool's filtration system is functioning correctly, it is recommended that you change the sand in your filter every 3-4 years (though this may vary depending on your pool type). Our Maitland and Rutherford pool filter experts can provide this service at a great rate.

Salt Chlorinator Sales & Installations

Our salt chlorinator systems are fully automatic, so you don't need to spend time and energy on hand dosing. We have a large range of salt chlorinators to suit every pool and budget. So wether your looking for a self cleaning model, a Australian made chlorinator we have a model to suit you. Purchased one elese where no problem we also offer a installation service.

To find out more about our salt chlorinators, browse through our online shop or visit our Rutherford Pool shop today!

Trouble Shooting

Lost suction? Can't figure out whats going on with your system? If you are having trouble with your filter, chlorinator, pump, skimmer or any other piece of pool equipment,pipe work or your unsure call or send an enquiry to Always Clear Pools N Spas. We provide complete troubleshooting services to get your pool or spa running the way it should again promptly. Our honest team provide very competitive quotes and will ensure your receive practical pool care advice.

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