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General Service & Enquiries

Always Clear Pools N Spas can step in whenever you need a pool service or your pool equipment maintained.

Regular Pool & Spa Servicing

Enjoy the benefits of your pool year-round without any of the hassle as Always Clear Pools N Spas will take care of all your pool servicing needs. We'll stop by weekly, fortnightly or monthly so that your pool is ready when you are.

Green Pool Cleaning

Green pools are unsightly, dangerous to swim in and can damage your pool surface and equipment. But Always Clear Pools N Spas can have your pool sparkling again in no time!

Insurance, Weather & Disaster Servicing

If weather conditions and disasters like storms, flooding and bush fire ash get the better of your pool, Always Clear Pools N Spas can step in and liaise with your insurance provider for the perfect solution.

Holiday Servicing

Holidays are great - but not for your pool! Let us take care of things while you're away so you don't come home to a pool disaster.

Safety Inspections & Fencing

Whether a household pool that you own or rent, or a pool in a facility such as a hotel or institution, there are laws governing pool safety and pool maintenance. Always Clear Pools N Spas offers full pool and fencing inspections to ensure your pool is safe and compliant.

Pool Care 101

New to owning a pool? Always Clear Pools N Spas can come to you and offer hands-on instruction and tips for caring for your pool.

Commercial, Real Estate and Institution Servicing

Always Clear Pools N Spas is the leader in commercial, real estate and institution pool servicing. We are able to provide water management solutions and pool maintenance services that keep you in line with government pool legislations and keep any water feature healthy.

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